Visible Deviation

Get more customers, make more money. Let us make your website visible. 

We’ll take a look at your site and send you what we recommend improving your online visibility.

We have three basic tiers to help get your website performing well.

Coaching $200

Per Month

  • Basic Page Optimization like setting your title tags and meta descriptions
  • Research what keywords you should use when writing content for your website
  • Topic ideas for increased traffic
  • Setting up your business at all relevant search engines and optimizing those accounts
  • Monthly site backup
  • Monthly report showing how many users visited your site and what they did while there
  • Monthly recommendations of what you should do to build your site

Coaching+ $1000

Per Month

  • All of the Coaching tier
  • Page editing to help form content that generates leads
  • Backlink checks including toxic link removal, finding missing links, and checking competitors
  • Social Media Coaching
  • Editing site to include structured data with the goal of getting into the featured snippets area
  • Setting up conversion tracking
  • Optimizing site pages for conversions including creating landing pages

VisibleDeviation $2500

Per Month

  • All of Coaching+ tier
  • Creating optimized content
  • Blog created and updated with relevant content
  • Social Media creation and upkeep
  • Video and other media content creation

About Us

Hi! I’m Betsy, co-founder of Visible Deviation. My partner, Nathan is the creative founder, while I’m more of the punctilious half of Visible Deviation. I do a lot of the detailed technical work here. I am really good at process related jobs and a little excessive about details. Together we make a creative, focused, and enthusiastic team. I like the challenge website optimization brings and I look forward to working with you!

I am Nathan Irvine, co-founder of Visible Deviation. I am a perfectionist, entrepreneur, and digital creator since age 10. My background includes photography, Mac repair and data recovery, website design, business creation and consultation, and now, website optimization. I know a little bit about a whole lot in the tech world. I am a driven and creative individual who values and understands the importance of excellent customer service.